Marla and Tia

Name: Marla
Age: 8

"If I remember correctly, her name was "Mouse" when she was first born because she was the smallest of the litter, and when I chose her, I somehow had the name "Marla Mousekovitz" in my head...I think I thought it was a real character or something (definitely is not), and anyway, Marla just stuck.

Marla was born to a farm cat at my friend April's parent's house. I constantly commented on how gorgeous one of their cats was, so when that supermodel cat had kittens, I just had to have one. I went and sat on the ground with all the kittens, and teeny-tiny Marla just climbed up into my legs and laid down..and I was just dead. She chose me, and that was it. 

A few years ago, Marla started "meerkat-ing", which is constantly standing up on her hinders. I wish I could remember how it started, but it's complete habit now and she sits up for attention, for pets, when she sees something worthy of attention, etc. Mostly people notice it because it's how she asks to be petted from every person she meets. Seriously tho, it's cute af."

- Tia