Becks and Stefan

Name: Becks
Age: 8.5

"[His name is] Becks, [which is] my favorite beer from Germany at the time.

I got him from the ARL in the fall of 2008, sort of spontaneously, but I have never regretted it.

I'm sure a lot of cats do these, but here [are] a few [of his quirks]: He loves gnawing on plastic bags. He has also discovered this as a pretty effective strategy for waking us up when he decides he's hungry in the middle of the night. There's a particular place on his back - when petted - will make him lick his front legs without fail. He hates absolutely everybody except my wife and me. It usually takes him a few days to warm up to someone. I strongly believe he's not mean but just scared. Anytime I get him some new water he sprints away like some crazy animal, then returns and drinks a few minutes later."