Cats with their people

This is an ongoing series of work that centers around cat owner(s) in their home with their cat(s). The idea started as somewhat of a joke that led into a collaborative art show about cats between me and Tia Rodemeyer entitled "Cat Show". In less than a month I took 30 portraits and met 42 cats. The portraits were on display in a 4 x 5 photo grid at Hill Vintage & Knits through the month of February in 2016. Each 5 x 7 photo was hand mounted on white foam board with a 1/4 inch border.

This blog will serve as a continuation and expansion upon said series that includes a story with each post.

The sessions are limited to 30 minutes and must be at the person's home using available/unaltered lighting. One portrait will be chosen and displayed. The beauty behind each portrait is that it's not meant to perfect but to capture an endearing moment.

If you are interested in being a part of this series please feel free to reach out to me.

Becks and Stefan

Name: Becks
Age: 8.5

"[His name is] Becks, [which is] my favorite beer from Germany at the time.

I got him from the ARL in the fall of 2008, sort of spontaneously, but I have never regretted it.

I'm sure a lot of cats do these, but here [are] a few [of his quirks]: He loves gnawing on plastic bags. He has also discovered this as a pretty effective strategy for waking us up when he decides he's hungry in the middle of the night. There's a particular place on his back - when petted - will make him lick his front legs without fail. He hates absolutely everybody except my wife and me. It usually takes him a few days to warm up to someone. I strongly believe he's not mean but just scared. Anytime I get him some new water he sprints away like some crazy animal, then returns and drinks a few minutes later." 


Edroy and Kari

Name: Edroy
Age: 4

" [His name is] Edroy, and yes he is named after someone or something, but I've gotten tired of trying to explain it.  

I adopted him in July 2012 from the ARL.  When I saw his picture online I knew I wanted to adopt him, I traveled out to the shelter and looked all over for him.  I had to ask the front desk where to find him and they informed me that just 45 minutes prior he and his two siblings were taken to the kitty cold ward as they had become sick.  They told me to keep checking the website and usually in about 10 days the kitties with colds are back up for adoption.  I checked the website nearly 80 times a day for several days and even went back into the shelter to make sure he was still alive and doing well.  Several more days passed and his little picture popped back up on the website once again and I dropped everything to run out to meet him.  He was a great little kitten, so much so that his adoption papers even noted "Really Good Kitten" on them, and he went home with me that night.

He's a very smart cat and enjoys puzzle games to get his treats.  He also can tell time very well and knows exactly when it's time for food, he knows what the word means as well.  He knows if he wants me to get out of bed that he'd better lick my face repeatedly.  He loves to play with the laser, in his kitten cube, with various catnip toys and even fetches toys that are thrown for him.  He likes only his mom for the most part, even though all the girls want to pet him, he's a big mama's boy.  He also takes the nosiest, slurp-iest baths known to cat-kind."

- Kari

Marla and Tia

Name: Marla
Age: 8

"If I remember correctly, her name was "Mouse" when she was first born because she was the smallest of the litter, and when I chose her, I somehow had the name "Marla Mousekovitz" in my head...I think I thought it was a real character or something (definitely is not), and anyway, Marla just stuck.

Marla was born to a farm cat at my friend April's parent's house. I constantly commented on how gorgeous one of their cats was, so when that supermodel cat had kittens, I just had to have one. I went and sat on the ground with all the kittens, and teeny-tiny Marla just climbed up into my legs and laid down..and I was just dead. She chose me, and that was it. 

A few years ago, Marla started "meerkat-ing", which is constantly standing up on her hinders. I wish I could remember how it started, but it's complete habit now and she sits up for attention, for pets, when she sees something worthy of attention, etc. Mostly people notice it because it's how she asks to be petted from every person she meets. Seriously tho, it's cute af."

- Tia